Christie-Gkaiane Sochakian Kanska is a Greek – Armenian born, songwriter, performer, piano and voice teacher and choir conductor.Christie was born in the capital of Armenia in Yerevan.

She began playing piano when she was seven years old. She studied the classical piano in the Music School of the capital of Armenia. She has studied jazz in the Jazz College of Erevan for 4 years. Also she studied drawing in the School of Fine Arts. She was awarded with the scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston. From 2001-2004 she was studying at Berklee College of Music, where she complete her Bachelor degree in Professional Music. During this time she participate in many concerts at the Berklee and out of the College. She was taken part as a soloist with Armenians Concert in many concerts and operas, performances and she was collaborated with the national Chorus of Erevan. In 1995 she has performed as the conductor of the Children Chorus of the Greek Embassy of Armenia and her children choir were participating in Athens and took award in the festival.

Since 1995 Thessalonica (Greece) has been her permanent residence where she has been working as a vocal teacher of modern and jazz singing. She has collaborated with the New Odeon of Thessalonica and Filippos Nakas Odeion Conservatory where she has been working as a piano and voice teacher. In the meantime she has been taking part in several concerts of Greek and jazz repertory as a pianist and vocalist. She also participated as a soloist in jazz concerts within the frame of the manifestation held in Thessalonica as the Cultural capital of Europe for the year 1997.

She participated in T.V. musical shows as well as in a production of ET3 (Channel of North Greece) together with Alexandro Triantafillou, entitled “Dia tauta ego thrino”. In the open theater of the “Odeion of Ancient Market” she has performed under her own orchestration, arranged Armenian folk songs.

In 2005 in Boston she produced her CD “Who Needs Love” with original music and lyrics. She collaborated in that CD with world known musicians as Jamey Haddad, Leo Blanco, Zdenek Kansky, Spiros Exaras, and Rick Dimuzio. She was fortuned to meet her husband Zdenek Kansky in Boston and she got married in 2005. They compose and perform music together. From 2005-2016 together they did two contracts with Royal Caribbean International and they where performing and traveling many countries as Canada, Mexico, Alaska, USA, Columbia, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Panama, Verging Islands.Christie & Zdenek with their “World Jazz Group” in 2006 were participating in many concerts and festivals in Czech Republic and other countries in Europe. They perform in jazz club “Reduta” in Prague also they perform in movie festivals, collaborating with musicians from Austria and Czech Republic.In 2007 Christie came back to Thessaloniki and she introduced her new music on the radio FM 102 of ERT and TV 100. In 2010 Christie came back to US as an invited music therapy teacher and she worked at Delta Projects for 2 years . During that time she was hired by Royal Academy of Music as a piano and voice teacher as well a choir director. Teaching many talented singers Christie establish a vocal group “Angel Voices” in 2014 and she release with them her original song “Merry Christmas to Ya”.In 2015 with her husband Zdenek Kanksy Christie established ZCK Music Production in Marlborough MA working on arranging and producing of new artists albums as well working on their own original music productions. Christie performing with ZCK Jazz quartet at many Jazz venues in US and Europe.

Christie captures her audience with her honesty and artistic mastery. She expresses her love for people, nature, and life through her unique gift for the languages of music and poetry.

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