David Loubah- PIANO

David Diniz Loubeh –Born in São Paulo, Brazil, 12/08/1972, started studying classical piano with 7 years old, made his first public concert with 12 years old.

After some other public appearances, piano competitions, and as a judge in piano competitions,  entered University of São Paulo in 1991, acquiring  the bachalor degree in instrument-piano in 1994. Had classical piano classes with José Eduardo Martins, and Gilberto Tinetti, both renowned experts in Brazil’s classical environment.

Started playing improvisational styles (Brazilian and Jazz music) in 1994, when started to obtain experience playing in clubs, shows, national and international events, even on Brazilian Television. Started intensive studies on Jazz and improvisation, with many most important pianists and teachers in São Paulo, like Wilson Curia, Levy Miranda, and many others.

As a consequence, has searched every sources of information (books, vídeos, live workshops, and the experience of fellow musicians who attended international schools such as Berkley, Juilliard and so on) discovering the great lack of true teachers and efective orientation in the art of music, specially on EAR TRAINING. Although there are lots of Ear Training methods, no one proved to be really efective.

As a matter of personal effort, has discovered a method that can make a musician open his internal hearing, starting to identify the chord changes in a natural way. Right now, David is working on a Project to launch an Ear Training program on the web and through live workshops, which is revolutionary and will  effectively change the life of a lot of musicians around the world.

David also has a great experience and love in teaching musicians in many countries through internet, having taught piano for more than 25 years.

Has acquired recently (year of 2016) a second bachelor degree in Law, in the internationally renowned Faculdade de Direito (Law University) do Largo do São Francisco – University of São Paulo (most important in Brazil), specializing in the music business and intelectual rights.

Some of David´s special abilities:

  • Practical Ear Training Classes, imposing a strong shift in musical comprehension , audition, and musical performance. Students will never hear and play music the old way, after awakening the power of inner hearing.
  • Theory Jazz Piano classes (intervals, chords, scales, and so on).
  • Music improvisation as a language. How to comprehend melody, and how to play melodies as a spoken language. How to comprehend chord improvisation.
  • Philosophy of music – the power of organization as a force in universe, and the organizational creative process in the art of music.

More information:


Phone number/ whatsapp: +55 11 99513-5959

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