• Sound Engineer
    Discover your sound.

This program is for aspiring Audio Engineers/Musicians who are looking to start a career in the Music Industry.  This is purely a career oriented technical program.

Diploma in Audio Engineering and Music Technology Program introduces students to the entire Audio production and Music Engineering process, from  Pre-production, Audio mangling, Mixing, Mastering, Live Sound to Post-Production. Students get to learn concepts, techniques, and terminologies of Music Engineering through music workstations and analog gear. This is a purely career oriented program where each student is exposed to hands-on Industry experience, Certified professionals and International Curriculum.

Tools and Facilities:

  • Avid Protools
  • Logic Pro X
  • TOFT 32 Channel Analog Console
  • UAD Apollo 16 Interface
  • 27” Slate Raven MTi Controller
  • Joe Meek Analog Channel Strip
  • Charter Oak microphone
  • Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2 Live console

Course Options:

A modular approach is undertaken to give students the flexibility to complete the programme at a pace and time convenient to them. There are three ways you can approach the programmes

Standalone trimester – 1 trimester (4 months) only

One year Diploma – 2 trimesters (2 x 4 months)

Students are given the option to start and stop with just one trimester. If they wish to pursue a one year diploma, they can come back for the second trimester any time.

Courses at SAM are designed in such a way that students control the tutoring level when they come for their second trimesters. They can request the faculty to increase the intensity or the pace of tutoring. This way students have the opportunity to get the best from the faculty.

Course Structure:

Download the course structure here: Audio Engineering and Music Technology Course Structure

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