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The Diploma Program in Music Performance at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music provides you with all the tools necessary for building a career in music as a performer, composer, songwriter, arranger, producer or teacher. The curriculum is mapped with MSCM’s tried and tested syllabus. Students enrolling for the Diploma program are eligible for the ‘Exchange Program’ thus giving them exposure to the global music industry. After completion of the two years, students may transfer their credits to MSCM and complete a Degree in Music Performance.

Music Performance encompasses Core courses and Custom electives. The student can also choose some electives from the roster of Carnatic courses that are offered.

The Core Courses include Ear-training, Contemporary Harmony, Reading Rhythms, Music Notation, Instrument Specific Labs, Technique Lab, Reading Lab, Performance Ensemble and Private lessons and Introduction to Carnatic Music and Konnakol (Carnatic Rhythms).

The Custom Electives designed by respective faculty gives student an opportunity to understand different styles and techniques and apply these by listening, analyzing, and playing.

The Carnatic Electives are designed to provide in-depth information on the history of Carnatic Music, the melodic and rhythmic methods in Carnatic music. For a detailed description of the courses, at the end of the document.

Course Options:

A modular approach is undertaken to give students the flexibility to complete the programme at a pace and time convenient to them. There are three ways you can approach the programmes

Certificate in Music Performance – 1 trimester (4 months) only

One year Diploma in Music Performance – 2 trimesters (2 x 4 months)

Two year Advanced Diploma in Music Performance – 4 trimesters (4 x 4 months)

Students are given the option to start and stop with just one trimester. If they wish to pursue a one year diploma, they can come back for the second trimester any time. Students who wish to pursue a two year diploma complete two more trimesters.

Courses at SAM are designed in such a way that students control the tutoring level when they come for their second, third or fourth trimesters. They can request the faculty to increase the intensity or the pace of tutoring. This way students have the opportunity to get the best from the faculty.

Course Structure:

Download the course structure: Music Performance Course Structure

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