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Douglas “ShakerHand” Las Casas, is one of the most prominent Brazilian drummers. His studies of the Moeller technique, Traditional Grip, Jazz and Brazilian music led this great Brazilian drummer to international recognition, where he received the nickname “ShakerHand”(rattle hand). Focused and determined researcher, he has always been in the direction of impressing the press and a different impression of the works that he is called. His reputation has also been the great performances in shows and recordings with great artists of the Pop and Mpb scene, but his parallel works with Jazz and Brazilian music, have highlighted him in the instrumental scene and as a teacher he is highly respected and required for workshops in Brazil and abroad. This highlight was not only for his solo work, but also for the eclecticism of being able to record and follow great consecrated artists of MPB, Rock / Pop, Funk / Black Music and Jazz, such as: Angra, Guca Domênico and Mays Grosso & Mathias, Wilson Simonal, Pery Ribeiro, Célia, Jair Oliveira, Fernanda Porto, Thaís Motta, Cauby Peixoto, Jessé, Jamelão, Míriam Batucada.

Parallel to these commitments as “Side Man”, he never stopped playing with great musicians from the instrumental scene, such as: Mozart Mello, Faíska, Kiko Loureiro (Angra), Arismar do Espírito Santo, Arthur Maia (Gilberto Gil), Celso Pixinga, Márvio Ceribelli, Joe Moghrabi, Mello Jr, Edsel Gomes, André Guedes (Raul Gil Program), Sílvia Góes ), Luís Conte (Phil Colins), Amadito Valdez, Vitor Alcântara, Walfredo Reis (ex Santana), Sérgio Buss (formerly Steve Vai), Michel Leme, Bruno Alves, Sandro Haick (Dominguinhos), Thiago do Espirito Santo, Djalma Lima, Ximba Uchyama, Yaniel Mattos (Carlinhos Brown), Javier Ibañez (Luíza Possi), Daniel Alcântara, Pepe Rodrigues (Caetano Veloso), Paulo Campos, Naor Gomes (Paula Lima), Proveta (Mantiqueira), Zé Canuto , André Neiva (Cama de Gato), Itamar Collaço (Zimbo Trio), Bocato, Derico / Tomati and Chiquinho Oliveira (Jô Program), Dominique de Larrard (Prince’s saxophonist), Willian Magalhães (Black Rio),Olmir Stocker (German), Manoel Cruz, Dennys Christian, Marcelo Martins, Paulo Calazans, among others.

Nowadays he works as a Producer / freelance musician in the country’s various studios and is launching the CD / DVD just released with Três de Paus (honoring the great Brazilian percussionist AIRTO MOREIRA), but in parallel to all these works, dedicated the didactic area, that is, to teach classes. And in the musical scene came to be seen as synonymous with responsibility and competence.
He currently owns a studio in São Paulo, where he teaches private lessons exclusively for selected students who are very “thirsty” to learn. And it’s in that studio, specializing in drum records, that he’s been recording for great artists and musicians in general.

Within the instrumental scene, there are some CDs already released: – Bipin ‘- (Four Elements) – recorded in 96. – “Caruso, Las Casas and Willcox” (Three de Paus), recorded totally live in the studio in 2002. – “Preto de Pelo Branco Branco”, the second CD by Três de Paus (2005). – Three de Paus DVD recorded in the auditorium of the Souza Lima Conservatory (2007). – And the latest Cd / Dvd (Three of Paus playing Airto Moreira) 2012.

Since the first CD of Três de Paus, the trio has not stopped, always expanding its repertoire and territory with various invitations to promote the work in large places such as: EM & T, Souza Lima, Bourbon Street, several bars and schools in the interior of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, São Gonçalo Jazz Festival (next to Artur Maia), CEMA Sumer Camp (Atibaia), Piracicaba, Americana, Catanduva, Mirasol, Botucatu, Presidente Prudente, Adamantina, São Carlos, Ribeirão Preto, Assis, Bauru, musical instruments stores in Santos, SJ Bass Festival (Goiás), season in the Suspended Garden of Babilônia (Santo Antonio do Pinhal), Campos do Jordão, Baiacool Jazz Festival (Belém), Unicamp (Campinas), among other great cities. And came to close the year, with the incredible mark of 72 shows, and almost 5 thousand copies sold.

In a partnership with the great guitarist André Guedes, it resulted in a CD of Brazilian music, where the lineup is: Bass, Guitar, Drums and Organ Hammond. A very different sound from the conventional.

Las Casas, also has 3 videos classes released, with the title of “Cutting Path”, in the levels (basic, intermediate and advanced). The success was so much, that these video lessons (Dvd), became record sale in the catalog of the record label Learn Music.

Currently part of the JazzPira Project, where the idea of ​​the project is to rescue the classics of country music in the beautiful voice and viola of Adriana Farias (Barra da Saia), with modern, Brazilian and jazzy arrangements from Três de Paus. For example, have you ever imagined playing “Majestade o Sabiá” in Bebop or “Cabocla Teresa” in Jazz or “Vide Vida Marvada” in Baião or even a version there by George Benson for “Touching in Front” by Renato Teixeira and Almir Sater?
In this way we can rescue good music, with good arrangements, a beautiful voice, allied to one of the most respected groups in the instrumental scene.
That’s the idea of ​​the Jazzpira Project!

And he has also dedicated himself to specializing in drum recordings in the studio “ÉLECÊ” (LC), for great artists and musicians, that is, if you want Las Casas participation in your album, you can have it recorded in several songs of your CDs without leaving your home.

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