Batch of Summer 2019

Here are glimpses from the recently concluded summer semester.


Indian Rock

Workshops & Drums Clinic by Chris Adler

Chris Adler Drums Clinic, November 2019

The Brian Molley Jazz Workshop

Inter-cultural Masterclass by TM HOFFMAN

Special Master Class for Students On Campus

1. Music business Management

Music business Management

Film Scoring workshop

Film Scoring workshop

Globai isai festival

Globai isai festival

Drums bass and piano workshop

Drums bass and piano workshop

Invited by Bits PIlani,Goa for their annual cuLtural college festival WAVES 2019, SAM is the Jury for ` INDIAN ROCK ' - the festival's highlight event that celebrates & showcases rock music talent. The event takes place on 2nd November 2019.

Get ready for the experience of a lifetime. Spend 2 days with the legendary drummer Chris Adler, learning performance, technique, style, translation, adapting and more. Additional listening sessions, Q&A sessions, guidance on drum kit selection, set up & more. And yes, that is not all! In this clinic, Chris will also share his life journey, experiences & his insight on the music industry, touring experiences. Here's a glimpse video - Check Now!

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The Brian Molley Quartet, the main act of the Madras Jazz festival 2019, visited our campus on 15th October for an exclusive workshop on improvisation and fusion in Jazz. The band demonstrated how to play around a written piece of music, using it as mere framework and improvise around it by collaborating and communicating with the other musicians on stage, through their instruments. Students participated & performed with the band, taking with them a musically enriching & educative experience.

On September 9th, 2016, renowned Intercultural artist T M HOFFMAN conducted this special master class for students on campus. Students learned how to use & translate one common musical scale in different musical styles across the globe.

A session of Q&A with industry expert Ritnika Nayan, where she shared her insights on how to break into the industry as a live musician, how to market & promote, career options & artist management with the attending students and aspiring musicians.

Conducted in March 2019, this workshop saw film composer Tomas Murmis spend time with students, teaching them the art of composing music for film. Techniques and approaches towards creating mood, ambience, character and emotion were covered in the workshop.

In February, Sam participated in the 2019 Global ISAI festival that is known to showcase great talent, some amazing performances and is a glimpse into the culmination of world culture in music.

Conducted in February 2019, this workshop saw performing musicians, students and aspiring composers attend to learn technique, improvisation, harmony and composition in drums, bass and piano.