Andre Sousa

Andre Sousa is a contemporary drummer and a drum technique teacher. He attended the Academia dos Amadores de Musica (Portugal) and completed the fifth year of Musical Training. He has accompanied a number of well-known musicians in the international Jazz world such as Tete Montoliu, Steve Slagle, Phil Markowitz and Conrad Herwig and many other exceptional and popular musicians.

He was a member of singer/composer Fausto’s band between 1984-1992 and was also part of Mafalda Veiga’s group. He has also played regularly with Rao Kyao and until recently he was a drummer for popular Portuguese singer Tony Carreira.

As a sideman he has played on a number of popular records including Jorge Reis ‘Pueblos’ (2003 TOAP), Marta Hugon ‘Story Teller’ (2008 IPlay), Nuno Costa ‘All Must Go’ (2011 TOAP/OJM), Amdre Fernandes ‘Timbuktu’ (2005 TOAP), and almost 20 other artists.


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