Barry Hogan

Barry Hogan is an Audio Engineer with a keen eye for quality and meticulous attention to detail, who demonstrates an amazing knowledge and enthusiasm for the music industry having worked with several Grammy award winning artists. His clients include Herbie Hancock, Prince, Pat Metheny, BoyzIIMen, J-Cole,Taio Cruz, Lil Wayne, Diana Krall, Justin Beiber, Ne-yo, The Blue Man Group ,The New York Symphonic Ensemble, Pasadena Pops Orchestra, The Nashville Symphony Orchestra.

Broadcast mix of T.V. shows include:
The Voice ,The Wendi Williams Show , The Today Show, 106 and Park, The X-Games, NFL network American Music awards,Scientific and Technical /The Academy of Motion Picture Awards.

Barry Hogan is certified in various programs across top audio schools in the USA. This list includes D&B systems Engineer Training in 2008, L’Acoustics Systems Certified Sound Vision School in 2006, Yamaha PM5D School, Meyer Mapp Online School & PCDI Electrician School in 2005 and Yamaha digital Console School in 2004. Barry is also qualified in handling a wide-range of mixing consoles like Digi-Design, Yamaha, Midas, Digico, SSL & Soundcraft. His education has also made him highly proficient on DAWs like Logic Audio Pro, Pro Tools, DP4, Nuendo, Recycle, Cubase.

With education and experience being two pillars of his audio career, Barry will share working knowledge in the setup of soundboards, amplifiers, microphones, loudspeakers, and related technology. Midi sequencing, Post production of audio, Audio encoding/decoding, Multi-track board operation, CD production will also be some of the topics covered during the semester.

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