Camiel Jansen is an exceptionally talented and emerging musician from the Netherlands, who specializes on the upright bass. Versatile and familiar with jazz, classical and pop music, Camiel also composes and arranges for horns, strings and big band.

Currently, he is a leader of ‘Ikarai’ a modern classical group that integrates classical music with improvisation techniques. The group released an album titled ‘Fly’ to wide acclaim in fall 2016.

Camiel also won the ‘De Grote Prijs van Nederland’ (Grand prize of the Netherlands), which is a series of music awards that recognizes new and talented Dutch musicians. He has arranged horns and cello for the EP ‘DeBekentenis’ by Charl Delemarre.

He has also toured with a contemporary jazz group Sindri Mar Eydal Fridriksson Group in Norway.

At a very young age, Camiel has accomplished a lot as a musician and has a deep-rooted passion to compose and arrange. He has co-founded VoermansJansen, along with composer Wietse Voermans and they aim to write music for film, theatre and dance productions.

MARA – an interactive learning app to help children remember and recognize melodies and rhythms is created by Camiel and is in the development stage. Currently he teaches in multiple schools in Amsterdam and runs a private bass school for all age groups.


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