Ed DegenaroEd Degenaro

 “You are actually making music with that fretless” – Joe Satriani

I dug the sound files, they are screaming” – Wayne Krantz
You sound great” – Allan Holdsworth
World class chops and tone” – Chris Poland of Megadeth
He swings, he grooves, and that’s all there is to say” – Steve Lukather

Born in Germany, Ed first studied Cello but quickly moved on to guitar. He received a degree in performance and teaching at the German National Conservatory of Music in Nurenberg. Ed’s unique mix of Heavy Metal and Bebop Jazz styles and his masterful shredding earned him comparisons to other guitar heroes like Steve Vai, Frank Gambale and Scott Henderson. As musician and engineer, Ed has worked with artists such as Bob Dylan, Craig Erickson, Elliot Sharpe, Henry Kaiser, Hammerhead, Roy Thomas Baker who is the producer for bands like Queen and Cars, David Rosental, producer for bands like Rainbow and Robert Palmer, David Byron band and more.On his latest record Less is seldom more, Ed has an array of dazzling talent playing with him including Dave Weckl (Chick Corea), Chuck Rainey (Steely Dan), Ric Fierabracci (Chick Corea), Chris Taylor (Celine Dion), George Whitty (Chaka Khan), Anton Pukshansky (Santana), Ray Gomez and others. Apart from his stellar playing on the fretted guitar, Ed is one of the best known fretless guitarists who can make shredding look effortless across sonic exploration in funk, blues, jazz, metal and more.

Ed has performed with Alcatrazz, the band, which has featured Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteen at various times and with the pioneering German Speed Metal band ‘Accept’. Ed’s shredding act retains the metal hairdo to lend more authenticity.


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