Fall 2015 Faculty

The members of our faculty will be more than teachers. They’ll be your mentors, your collaborators, and help you work your way up in the music industry. Being experienced and talented professionals in their field—they bring a thorough knowledge of music to the classroom that comes from a rich professional background in the music industry. The coolest thing about the faculty at Sam is the melange of Carnatic music and western music that they will introduce to your musical sensibilities. You’ll find yourself transferring their influences to your ensemble rehearsals, performances, recording sessions, and gigs.


Greg DiamondGreg Diamond (USA)

Brooklyn guitarist Greg Diamond has been an emerging force in recent years and is now situated at the forefront of a new generation of contemporary latin jazz artists in New York City. Endowed with technical prowess and, above all, an impassioned distinguishable sound characterized by his mixed Latin American origins, Diamond puts forth an attractive and innovative concept of latin fusion in a modern jazz context.



Andre Sousa (Portugal)

Andre Sousa is a contemporary drummer and a drum technique teacher. He attended the Academia dos Amadores de Musica (Portugal) and completed the fifth year of Musical Training. He has accompanied a number of well-known musicians in the international Jazz world such as Tete Montoliu, Steve Slagle, Phil Markowitz and Conrad Herwig and many other exceptional and popular musicians.


Atma AnurAtma Anur (England)

Born in London, England of West Indian parentage, Atma Anur is regarded as one of the foremost and most highly coveted session drummers in the Rock-Fusion / Neo-Classical worlds. As of March 2015 Atma has recorded 144 internationally released CDs and has logged hundreds of hours of studio time for recording projects in almost every popular musical genre.




Mili Vizcaino (Spain)

Born in Spain, Mili Vizcaino is an accomplished contemporary singer and vocal technique teacher. She is a self-taught contemporary guitarist and also holds a Piano degree from Conservatório de Música de Badajoz (Badajoz, Spain). In 2004, Mili studied Piano, contemporary harmony…



Johann berby 3Johann Berby (Reunion Island)

Born in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the island of Reunion, culture and musical sensibilities of Johann Berby is a reflection of its origins: Indian, Madagascar and Mozambique.In respect of its cultures and others…



Nimrichter 1Marcos Nimrichter (Brazil)

Marcos Nimrichter is a pianist, accordionist, composer, arranger, music producer, television host and teacher. He began his music studies at the age of 4. He graduated in piano and composition from the School of Music of UFRJ, where he also taught piano and harmony as a guest teacher. He created music for some phenomenal albums namely…


Barry Hogan (USA)

Barry Hogan is an Audio Engineer with a keen eye for quality and meticulous attention to detail, who demonstrates an amazing knowledge and enthusiasm for the music industry having worked with several Grammy award winning artists. His clients include Herbie Hancock, Prince, Pat Metheny, BoyzIIMen, J-Cole,Taio Cruz, Lil Wayne, Diana Krall, Justin Beiber, Ne-yo, The Blue Man Group ,The New York Symphonic Ensemble, Pasadena Pops Orchestra, The Nashville Symphony Orchestra….



Sreyas NarayanunSreyas aNarayanun (India)

Sreyas Narayanun, who was earlier known by C. B. Ramanarayanan is Carnatic vocalist of outstanding merit and has been giving concerts in prestigious concert halls in India and abroad. He is an ‘A’ grade artiste of All India Radio and Doordarshan, Chennai. Blessed with a deep…




Dr. S. Karthick (India)

One of the most recognizable ghatam artists in the world today, Karthick has earned an international reputation for his path-breaking work in Carnatic music and in Crossover music. He studied for many years with the legendary ‘Vikku’ Vinayakram. Karthick has performed and recorded…



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