Fjoralba Turku (ALBANIA)

Fjoralba Turku was born in Albania in 1983. At the age of nine she emigrated to Munich. Fjoralba comes from a very musical family, her brother Rudens Turku is a famous violinist. She also played the violin as a child and still takes the sound of the violin as a big inspiration for the sound of her voice.

Fjoralba first studied drama and acting in Munich and Paris. But it was during her time in Paris that she had a life-changing encounter with the jazz singer Carole Simone: Turku’s slumbering talent, singing, awoke.

Fjoralba Turku - ALBANIA

In 2007 Turku was accepted into the Munich Conservatory of Music (Hochschule für Musik und Theater München), and in the same year New York guitarist Geoff Goodman invited her to join his world music band Tabla & Strings. A short time later Tabla & Strings recorded a CD with saxophonist Charlie Mariano – and so the novice Turku stood side by side with jazz legend Mariano for two days in the studio – a further formative encounter. The press praised the young singer since then.

At age of 24 Fjoralba signed her first recording contract at Traumton Recordsin Berlin. Critics and audiences have been running out of superlatives to describe the experiences with Fjoralba’s recording and her stage presence.

At the same time she studied singing with jazz singers such as Reinette van Zijtfeld Lustig (NL), Jan Shapiro (USA), Bob Stoloff (USA) at Berklee College among others. During her studies she had many possibilities to go on tour with different groups and musicians such as Geoff Goodman, Paulo Cardoso, Henning Sieverts, Till Martin, Tizian Jost, Bill Elgart, Florian Trübsbach, Jonas Burgwinkel etc.

Fjoralba finished her studies in summer 2010, recorded another CD with Geoff Goodmans new music project Jazz and Haikus in 2011, also with the duo Paulo Cardoso and Simon Seidl and between 2007 and 2012 she won prizes in Brussels and Munich.

Fjoralba recorded her second solo album Serene in 2011 with her new quintet, toured through Europe and made her debut in North America in 2012. She played several jazz festivals, performed in national and international radio and TV stations such as the Bayerischer Rundfunk, rbb etc. in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.



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