Dr. M. Lalitha

Dr. M. Lalitha (India) – Dean, Indian Music Program & Violin Faculty

Maestro Kalaimamani Dr. M. Lalitha is an internationally acclaimed Carnatic Violinist. She has the privilege of being the fourth generation of musicians in her family & stands today amongst the most outstanding instrumental musicians of Carnatic Music along with her sister, Kalaimamani M. Nandini. She is the niece of internationally acclaimed violinists Sri. L. Vaidyanathan, Dr. L. Subramaniam and Dr. L. Shankar. Apart from performing worldwide she has also been presenting lectures on Indian Music at various Universities in India and abroad including University of Madras, University of Pittsburgh, University of IOWA, University of Florida, Gund Gallery Kenyon College, MGI – Mauritius, CODARTS – Rotterdam, Music Institutes in London & South Africa to name a few. She has done her Masters, M Phil and Ph D in Music from the Madras University and was awarded the highly coveted Fulbright fellowships, USA twice in performing Arts and for lecture. She was also awarded the Occasional lecture Fund, USA.

Kalaimamani Dr. M. Lalitha apart from performing Violin duet concerts with her sister Kalaimamani M Nandini has also collaborated with musicians representing different genres of music including their Uncles and Guru Legendary Violinists Kalaimamani Sri. L. Vaidyanathan, Padmabhushan Dr. L. Subramaniam and Grammy awardee Dr. L. Shenkar – Double violin, Mike Albert of Megadeth fame – USA, Padma Shri Shahid Parvez, George Brooks – USA, Homayoun Sakhi – Rebab (Afganistan), Abbos Kosimov – Doyra (Uzbhekistan), Ricardo Averbach – Conductor Miami State Orchestra, USA, Sameer Chaterji – USA, Boschbela String Orchestra-SA, Tiruvalaputhur T. A. Kaliyamurthy – India, Abhijeeth Banerjee – India, Quatre Bonne String Orchestra – Mauritius, Jazz artiste Reisa – SA, Ricardo Misto – Italy, Scott Conklin -USA, Grammy award winning Violinist from the film Titanic Paul Peabody – USA,  Greg Diamond – USA, Johann Berby – Reunion Islands, André Sousa Machado – Portugal, Riccardo Battaglia – Italy, Rainer Pusch – Germany, Grammy nominee Shujaat Khan, Pandit Tanmoy Bose – Tabla to name a few.

Dr. M. Lalitha  has performed widely for PRESTIGIOUS MUSIC FESTIVALS in Music theaters / halls all over the globe including the Forde International Music Festival – Norway, Cape Town Festival – SA, Lotus International Festival – USA, Rise Festival – UK, Lakshminarayana International Festival – USA, Millennium festival for World Peace – Australia, DITI – KL, Soorya Festival – Trivandrum, Opera House – SA, Swaralaya National fest – India, India Week Festival – Germany, Music Festival – Bloemfontein, SA, MGI – Mauritius, Royal Nepal Academy, Dance India Taste India – Singapore, Times Sanskruthi Festival – Mumbai, DITI – Penang, National Music Festival – Varanasi, Nishagandi – Trivandrum, Indiearth Xchange – Chennai, Guimet – France, Hindu November Fest – Cochin, International Film Festival – India, SIFAS fest – Singapore, Counterflows – Scotland to name a few.


ONLY FEMALE DUO IN ASIA to perform the World music, South Indian Classical, Fusion and Western Classical music.

First South Indian Musicians to be interviewed and to have performed Carnatic Violin duet by the BBC Radio 3

First Indian musicians to perform in the Free State province Bloemfontein, South Africa which marked a historical event – ICCR.

First female South Indian musician to perform in Saraswati House, Assisi and to have introduced Carnatic music.

First female South Indian musician to perform in Anubhab, Koln and to have introduced Carnatic music.

First female South Indian musician to perform in Meru, Voldrop and to have introduced Carnatic music.

First female South Indian musician to present a lecture / workshop on Carnatic music at the prestigious Codarts, Rotterdam.

Lalitha and Nandini are the pioneers to introduce and perform the Carnatic Music in the University of London.

Awarded the highly coveted INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIPS of Fulbright from USA twice.

First Indian Female Musicians to perform in the Quatre Bonne Conservatoire, Mauritius.

Invited to present a unique program to commemorate the 50th year Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Indian Independence.

BEST SENIOR VIOLINIST from the Madras Music Academy and the Indian Fine Arts Society, Chennai on the same year.

FIRST INDIAN VIOLIN DUO to perform in the Opera House, Port of Elizabeth, SA.

FIRST INDIAN WOMEN CONDUCTOR from South India to have conducted the Boschbela string orchestra, South Africa.

Concert for an audience of 3 Lakhs at the Times Sanskruthi Festival, Thane in the floating stage in Upvan.

Concert at the prestigious Nishagandi Festival, Trivandrum.

FIRST SOUTH INDIAN MUSICIAN to perform at the prestigious COUNTERFLOWS international music festival in Scotland.

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