Lara Bello

“She is courageous. Lara Bello is a diamond that will shine far away”.

Lara BelloSinger-songwriter Lara Bello has a voice and musical personality that enables her to move effortlessly between cultures. From Granada (Spain) and currently based in New York, Bello began her education in music as a singer and violinist at the Conservatory Angel Barrios in Granada. She continued her studies at SCAEM, the Villalobos Academy and the Royal School of Music of London.

Alongside her formal training in classical music, Bello also studied flamenco singing at the Escuela Superior de Estudios Flamencos de Granada, as well as Shomyo (Japanese Buddhist chant), Druphad and overtone singing. Her interest in jazz brought her to the Taller de Musics in Barcelona, and she participated in vocal workshops with Gillyanne Kayes and Anna Maria Finger in the same city.

Bello has also studied dance from an early age, in flamenco, modern dance and arabic dance. She has been a member of the Arabic-Andalusi Dance Company Al-Ghazalat of Granada, The Chekkara Orchestra of Tetuan, and she works with international artists such as Omar Faruk Tekbilek and Alabina.

Bello earned her Licenciatura (Master’s) Degree in Psychology from the University of Granada, and she is interested in combining her interests in the arts within the social field, working on various projects focusing on Women in Prison Albolote (Granada), children’s workshops and music therapy projects.

In 2007, Bello represented Spain in the Lady Summertime Jazz Festival in Finland. With the project “Voices from this Side”, she was selected to participate in the Circuit INJUVE 2007, organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Culture of Spain. She also performed at the Festival “Women Create” 2008 organized by the Ministry of Culture. She was also a prizewinner at the 2009 National Songwriters Competition “Cantigas de Mayo” (Murcia, Spain).

In 2009, Bello released her first album “Fish Girl” at the 30 International Jazz Festival of Granada, receiving critical acclaim. In March 2010, “Fish Girl” appeared on in the top 20 on the World Music Charts Europe, and her broadcasts were voted the most important programs of European national radio. In 2010, Bello was recognized as the best Spanish world music artist of the year.

Bello is also known for her cross-cultural collaborations to promote peace. In 2010, she started a musical project with Syrian singer Lena Chamamyan , with the support of the Spanish Embassy in Damascus. In 2011, she has begun to work with the Platform of Artist Women for Peace and she is also producing a literary-musical project with writer Tariq Ali about his book “The Shadow of the Pomegranate Tree” which will be performed in different countries.

Lara Bello is actively performing her music in clubs and concerts in New York and Spain ,as well as in festivals around the world, including Jazz Lives in Syria (Damascus 2010), Ethno Jazz Festival (Chisinau, Moldova 2009), and Semaine Culturelle Spagnole (Libreville , Gabon 2010).


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