Pablo Lapidusas

Born in Buenos Aires, he began his piano studies in Brazil as a child and became a professional musician at age 14. With a grad degree in music at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp) and a master’s degree in Performance jazz at the School of Music of Lisbon (ESML), which currently resides in the last decade and while living in Rio de Janeiro, the pianist toured different countries performing in concerts and recordings alongside artists like Eduardo Dussek, Zeze Motta, Wanda Sá, I Musici de Montreal, Jimmy Dludlu, Celia Vaz, Victor Biglione, Quartet in Cy, Edu Lobo, Carlos Malta, Bena Lobo, Sandra de Sá, Caesar Camargo Mariano, Hermeto Pascoal and Marcelo D2. “Hedgehog” (Delira, 2008), their debut album, had excellent reviews in the Brazilian press * and had the participation of Hermeto Pascoal and Carlos Malta. The second disc – “Alien” (Ekaya / Kalamata, 2013), an ambitious project was recorded in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, Lisbon, Maputo and London in the anthology Studio 2 of Abbey Road. This work was the production of João Carlos Schwalbach and like its predecessor, got excellent reviews *. On “Alien,” the Brazilian music journalist and critic Antonio Carlos Miguel wrote, “Itinerary of a free citizen of the world (and music)” driving “your piano without borders and with creativity, which resulted in new music, even if known healthily and difficult to catalog, printing your digital printing from stimulation of a diverse artistic training. ” In 2015 Pablo Lapidusas launched “Live in Johannesburg” (Ekaya) in partnership with the Cuban bassist Leo Espinosa and Brazilian drummer / Portuguese Marcelo Araújo. The project (first work of pianist off the ground format), was again produced by John Carlos Schwalbach and recorded live (CD / DVD) in “The Orbit” for a South African season. His solo performance and impressed the trio journalist Gwen Ansell; “He was struck by the silence (you could hear a pin drop) for his solo performance and more impressed for his amazing technique, unpredictable tempo changes, light and delicate shadows, and a solid rhythmic left hand. ”  In addition to being a performer, Pablo has been active as a teacher and music producer.


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