Sarah Jerrom

sam-Sarah-Jerrom1Toronto based vocalist, composer and arranger Sarah Jerrom is recognized as one of the top young Canadian Jazz talents to have burst on to the scene in recent times. Although Jazz remains a central component of Sarah’s work, she represents an eclectic mix of diverse influences ranging from Rock and Blues to Country and Irish music. A graduate of the University of Toronto’s Jazz performance program, Sarah studied with some of the most in-demand musicians in Canada including Heather Bambrick, Christine Duncan, Kirk MacDonald and many others.In 2008, She attended the prestigious Banff international program for Jazz and Creative music under the direction of Dave Douglas. While at Banff, she also studied and performed with Prasanna who was guitar faculty. Sarah has performed with such well known artists as Ingrid Jenson, Dave Young, Christine Jenson, Mike Murley, Melissa Stylianou, Kelly Jefferson and others. She has done concerts at such venues as Lakefield Jazz festival, Richard Bradshaw amphitheater, Dofasco center for the arts etc.

Sarah’s 2007 album Illuminations has received rave reviews from critics all over the world and has got generous radio airplay in Canada, Australia, Netherlands, England, New Zealand, Denmark, Italy, USA, France, Argentina etc. Sarah stands out amongst many vocalists for her sophisticated composing, songwriting and arranging skills that complement her exceptional vocal talents. Aside from her recording and touring projects, she teaches privately and conducts school choirs in Toronto.

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