Summer 2017 Faculty

The members of our faculty will be more than teachers. They’ll be your mentors, your collaborators, and help you work your way up in the music industry. Being experienced and talented professionals in their field—they bring a thorough knowledge of music to the classroom that comes from a rich professional background in the music industry. The coolest thing about the faculty at Sam is the melange of Carnatic music and western music that they will introduce to your musical sensibilities. You’ll find yourself transferring their influences to your ensemble rehearsals, performances, recording sessions, and gigs.


Paola Vergara (Mexico) Voice Faculty

Multi-talented, versatile and successful artist, Paola Vergara is an established musician from Mexico. Starting at a young age of 13, Paola composed her first song with the group she formed. ..



Camiel Jansen (The Netherlands) Bass Faculty

Camiel Jansen is an exceptionally talented and emerging musician from the Netherlands, who specializes on the upright bass. Versatile and familiar with jazz, classical and pop music, Camiel also composes and arranges for horns, strings and big band. ..



Sreyas Narayanun (India) Carnatic Voice Faculty

Sreyas Narayanun, who was earlier known by C. B. Ramanarayanan is Carnatic vocalist of outstanding merit and has been giving concerts in prestigious concert halls in India and abroad. He is an ‘A’ grade artiste of All India Radio and Doordarshan, Chennai. ..



Umayalpuram Mali (India) Carnatic Percussion Faculty

Umayalpuram Mali is a popular mridangam player who learnt from Kumbakonam Rajappa Iyer and Umayalpuram Sivaraman. Apart from being a Copeland Fellow, Fulbright Fellow and faculty at Harvard University, he is acknowledged as one of the most accommodative accompanists in the classical music scene and has played..



Gabriel Geszti (Brazil) Piano Faculty

Starting at an early age of 9, Gabriel began his studies in classical piano and by age 17 he was working as a professional pianist in popular music & jazz.

Gabriel is a versatile pianist, composer and a dedicated piano technique teacher. Born in Rio de Janeiro, he completed a degree in Teaching from theFederal University of Rio de Janeiro.



Raghuraman Ramasubramanian (India) Guitar Faculty

Raghuraman is an accomplished guitarist and sessionist active in the local as well as South-East Asian music scene. Raghu holds a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering and has also graduated from the Berklee Transfer Programme at the International College of Music, Malaysia.


Karina Colis Mexico

Karina Colis (Mexico) Drums Faculty

Karina Vazquez Colis is truly one the world’s most promising talents in New York City. In addition to her skills as a drummer and percussionist, she is also an accomplished singer. Her musical work is characterized by a diversity of rhythms and styles, combining the roots of various European…


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