Tom Brislin

TomBrislin_0Tom is a multi-faceted artist whose work spans the entire contemporary music scene – Best known as Keyboardist with Rock super group Yes on some of their tours and recordings, Tom has also performed with some of the world’s biggest acts including Meat Loaf, Robert Plant, Debbie Harry, Renaissance, Camel and many others. He is an accomplished songwriter, singer, composer and producer known for his own solo work and with the indie-rock band Spiraling as its founder, lead singer and songwriter. Tom has also been senior correspondent with Keyboard Magazine and has been their mainstay in reviewing new gear, conducting interviews with artist and the tech community etc.

His latest solo project Hurry up and Smell the Roses features guest contributions from guitarist and platinum songwriter Clint Lagerberg, vocalist Annie Haslam of Renaissance, and Theremin synthesist Shueh-li Ong. The highly acclaimed album also features in the top ten list of 2012 by Jordan Rudess.

Influenced by his older siblings’ classic rock record collections, his parents’ love of jazz and classical music, and his own discovery of synth-laden pop, Brislin would eventually find himself performing in all of these settings.

Tom has also been a keen contributor to Keyboard Magazine as one of its ace writers for artist features and product reviews. He is also the author of the book ‘The 30-Day Keyboard Workout’. With his extensive experience across performance, recording, production and teaching, Tom is one of the most versatile artists around today.



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