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Diploma in Indian Vocals & Music - Singing Maestros

Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (SAM) is very pleased to announce the launch of a new Program that offers a Diploma in Indian Vocals & Music (DIVAM), in association with one of the most celebrated Pedagogues and Voice Experts in India – Mr. Ananth Vaidyanathan. 

The highly intensive 24 week diploma course will ensure that a vocal music aspirant gains expertise in core skills, soft skills, personality and stage experience to navigate the challenging waters of a career in the music industry. This one of its kind training programme will be conducted in the unique Swarnabhoomi campus as a totally residential programme where highly accredited and star trainers will live in campus providing for an intensive learning environment. DIVAM will have many luminaries from the Film industry, Popular singers, Music Directors, Playback singers etc who will conduct workshops and Master classes for the students.

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Mr Ananth Vaidyanathan

Leading Voice Expert

Mr Ananth Vaidyanathan is perhaps the most celebrated trainer on Asian television. His unique technology has repeatedly created magic on Indian television since 2006. Indian Idol specially invited him to completely revamp the musical dimension of the show. His work with aspiring playback singers competing for top class singing competitions & award is already part of contemporary folklore.

Ananth’s mission in life is to free vocalists from the fetters with which the inhibitions of modern life and microphone-oriented technology have conspired to bind them. Prominent among the young seekers of voice improvement with Ananth’s help are Carnatic vocalists from overseas, less fearful than their domestic counterparts of criticism by peers and seniors and focused on maximizing the potential of their voices.


SAM’s Indian Voice Program is strategically categorized into 8 modules, starting from voice training to transforming an artist into a performer, catering to all the necessary aspects of an aspiring musician.

The insights and techniques of Frederick Husler adapted to the needs of different genres and styles of Indian music. The goal is to enable the trainee understand and use his vocal apparatus like an instrumentalist understands the nature and scope of his instrument. With this training, a singer is able to multiply his singing effectiveness manifold within a few months. Over a year he or she can gather an understanding of the subject to be able to guide himself or herself through a lifetime of vocal and musical growth.

Indian Classical Music is widely known and recognized as the mother sign & foundation for any other genre of Indian music. The classical music systems are the only technical training systems which convert the basic talent of an aspirant into alchemy (integration) of knowledge, skills, reflexes and aesthetics that are critical for any music functionary.

Classical Music Training Module extracts the essentials from the Hindustani & the Carnatic systems and creates a set of training methods and tools that will help form the knowledge & skill base for an aspirant to any kind of music.

Music is a performing art. The vocalist carries the weight of performance effectiveness in any band in any genre and culture. If a vocalist fails to ignite his audience in a stage performance, his musical competence cannot connect with it. So Stage Performance is a dimension, an art and science that brings success to the average musician. This organised training will form a critical dimension of the Swarnabhoomi training programme.

Western Music has been a part of many Indian communities for centuries, producing icons like Zubin Mehta, and has formed the foundation of Indian film orchestration, Indian vocalists have so far not needed to study the basis principles, building blocks and aesthetics of Western Music. But times have changed. The contemporary Indian vocalist has to operate in an increasingly globalised and dynamic music system where isolated specialisation cannot work till one finds professional recognition. SAM has designed a unique Western Music Training Syllabus for the Indian vocalist to enable absorb the essentials of the system through the existing knowledge Indian scales, ragas, melodic principles and aesthetics. This will form the foundation to learning keyboard programming and music arrangement.

Learning a film song from a recording is something that every singer does, from superstar professionals who sometimes sing songs of the past, down to band singers and reality show contestants. But the song is more than a tune and lyrics. The film music of India from Bollywood and other regions is one of the richest and most beautiful musical expressions in the world, combining the brilliance of composition with the brilliance of voice and vocal technique. Because film songs emerge as recordings, with highly exacting standards of delivery, they have become documents of incredible vocal excellence and an oceanic library of vocal guidance that needs to be extracted.

A contemporary Indian singer no longer has the luxury of being only a singing specialist. In the changing music paradigm (scenario) a vocalist has to create his/her own music or get it created, have music arranged around it, have it recorded, mixed, published & marketed.

Many vocalists are acquiring all these accessory skills and knowledge today from different quarters and trainers. Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music’s new training program offers basic training in Audio Engineering which will enable the vocalist to independently create the value chain or be able to effectively collaborate with other specialist in his / her goal of bringing out recordings or performing on stage.

The contemporary Indian Vocal aspirant does not enjoy the luxury of targeting a specific generic or stylistic slot either in film music or contemporary popular music. The student has to be adept at many foundational inputs and be comfortable with a variety of genres and styles both Indian and international, to be a creative performer as well as enable to create independent music.

Exposure to international genres and styles helps break internal barriers of conditioning, and enriches the musicality and creativity of an artist.

The path to success and stardom is not paved on codified knowledge and skill training alone. The journey, search, footprints and insights of each great artiste is uniquely individual, special and of tremendous educational value.The student will have several unimaginable opportunities to directly meet icons and avail of their generous guidance.