Live, Learn and Play with Soul-King extraordinaire Mateus Asato. 

2 day exclusive Guitar Master Clinic on 26th and 27th February 2018.

This 2 day Master-Clinic is priced at Rs. 15,000 inclusive of accommodation and food.

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For more information, Call on 73580 00770/ 87544 89805

About Mateus

Mateus (Nogueira) Asato was born in December 29th of 1993, originally from Campo Grande, a  town located in Brazil. In September of 2010, Mateus at the age of 16 won for his first & only time a guitar contest. The national contest was called “Double Vision”, and it had around 500 other guitar players participating. Mateus Asato has worked with great names in the music industry such as Adoração & Adoradores, Duranbah, Esteban, Israel Houghton, Jabin Chavez, Luan Santana, Mammoth, Storge2, Tiago Suguihara and currently tours with the American singer songwriter Tori Kelly.

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