Among the cream of French bassists, this composer, arranger, producer, bass guitarist, pianist was born in France. Performed on numerous French and international scenes from the 80s, before joining India (Pondicherry) where he lives for 14 years.

A student of western classical music in Toulouse, he later focused on jazz and rock. He was a part of the French Reunion Island band, Ziskakan, the Paris ensemble Elixir with Raul de Souza. A much ‘in demand’ bass player he has toured in USA, Europe and Asia regularly for many years. Mishko has worked with renowned artistes such as Ray Charles, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Raul de Souza, Khaled, Didier Lockwood. He currently plays with Emergence, Mystic Vibes, Lucky Ali, “the Jaco Pastorius Tribute Band” (on his own name), UNK (Radha Thomas Ensemble), Refuge, Prakash Mandolin, Mangloo (Reunion Island), and others projects ( Rotem Sivan, Max ZT)

From 2015, he is part of the new Band ARKA (Ravichandra Kulur, Selva Ganesh, Gino Bank). Mishko M’ba is leading a new project “Stringly Yours” (2016) bringing together himself on bass &Shanks on guitar for a Strings music journey through his own compositions, some songs from Shanks and the re arrangements of some of his favourites musicians & composers (Metheny/Pastorius, Shakti)

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