At SAM, we offer music programs that will equip you with all the tools necessary to excel in today’s demanding entertainment industry. Whether you’re looking to launch your career on stage or behind the stage, SAM has something for you.

1.) Diploma in Music Performance (DMP)

2.) Diploma in Music Production & Technology (DMPT)

Music Performance encompasses Core courses and Custom electives. The student can also choose some electives from the roster of Carnatic courses that are offered.

The Core Courses include Ear-training, Contemporary Harmony, Reading Rhythms, Music Notation, Instrument Specific Labs, Technique Lab, Reading Lab, Performance Ensemble and Private lessons and Introduction to Carnatic Music and Konnakol (Carnatic Rhythms).

The Custom Electives designed by respective faculty gives student an opportunity to understand different styles and techniques and apply these by listening, analyzing, and playing.

The Carnatic Electives are designed to provide in-depth information on the history of Carnatic Music, the melodic and rhythmic methods in Carnatic music. For a detailed description of the courses, at the end of the document.


Ensemble Ensemble Ensemble Ensemble
Contemporary Harmony I Contemporary Harmony 2 Stylized Harmonic Concepts Stylized Harmonic Concepts
Music Theory Composition & Arranging 1 Composition & Arranging 2 Composition & Arranging 3
Ear Training I Ear Training 2 Transcription Transcription
Reading Rhythms I Reading Rhythms 2  Private Lesson  Private Lesson
Private Lesson Private Lesson Advanced Reading Lab Directed Study (Carnatic Studies)
Reading Lab I Reading Lab 2 Modern Improvisation Technique Lab Directed Study with Principal Instrument Instructor
Technique Lab I Technique Lab 2 Music Preparation Techniques for the Bandstand Music Preparation Techniques for the Bandstand
Basic Piano Carnatic Music Studies 2 Tyagaraja, Dikshitar & Syama Sastri Kritis Modern Improvisation Technique Lab
Carnatic Music Studies Advanced Konnakol Applications of Konnakol in Modern Music Elective (from Music Production Program)
Konnakol Melakartha & Janya Ragas Custom Elective I Custom Elective I
Introduction to Music Production & Technology Custom Elective I Custom Elective II Custom Elective II
Custom Elective I Custom Elective II Custom Elective II Custom Elective II

Music Production and Technology Program introduces students to entire music production process,  from acoustics, miking and recording to post production, audio mangling, mixing and mastering. Student get to learn uses, concepts, techniques, and terminology of computing through music applications and gain experience with current hardware and software for music sequencing, synthesis, and music performance practice. The yearlong course is also designed as an introduction to music fundamentals, notation, and theory through music technology such as MIDI and digital recording. 

Students will have a hands-on studio experience with some of the most modern digital gear and plugins as well as boutique analog hardware such as

– TOFT 32 Channel Analog Mixing Console

– UAD Apollo 16 with every single Universal Audio plugin

– 27” Slate Raven MTi touch screen controller

– Joe Meek analog channel strip with analog compressors and EQ

– Charter Oak microphone

– Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2 live mixing console

Students will be taught how to use multiple DAWs, how to streamline your workflow, and critically, learn how to listen, so that no matter which studio you go into, and what quality of gear you’re using, you can make your music sound on par with the best in the world.


Music Theory Recording Theory
Recording Then to Now Recording Lab 2
Studio Design and Acoustics Mixing
Recording Theory 1 Editing with Pro Tools
Recording Lab 1 Advanced Mastering
Introduction to Mixing Custom Elective from performance
Critical listening and mastering  
Basic Piano  
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