Peter Farrell was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1981. Son of musicians Lino Simao and Claudia Fier, he was taken to a music conservatory at the age of 12, where he studied classical guitar, electric guitar, jazz and music theory with Leyve Miranda and Luis Cavalcante. In this period the young musician also studied Brazilian music with the extra-ordinary guitar player Lula Galvao,and piano with the great arranger Edmundo Cassis. A few years later when he started giving his first lessions, Peter realized he had a great talent to teach music and since then teaching became his passion.

Later, he was introduced to his musical idol and mentor, the Master of the jazz guitar, George Benson, for whom he always had a deep reverence and admiration, as Peter spent all his musical life studying GB’s technique. When Benson saw Peter playing for the first time, the connection between them was instantaneous and George decided to make him his protegee. Peter Farrell was the only George Benson’s student for more than 15 years, and GB considers him one of the best jazz guitar players nowadays.

Peter recorded and played with many great artists all over the world such Brian McKnight, Cesar Camargo Mariano, Eumir Deodato, Adam Rogers, Antonio Farao, Didier Lockwood, Franco Ambrosetti, Jane Monheit, Peri Ribeiro, among others. In 2006 he was invited to join the Ricardo Herz Quartet, with whom he traveled around South America, Europe and asia. During this period, he also joined the Didier Lockwood Quartet going on tour throughout Brazil. Sometime later, Peter played in the opening of Stanley Jordan’s concert in Sao Paulo, who considered him as one of the most promising talents in the music scene. In 2009 he recorded with Jane Monheit, a project called “Music Pocket” in Brazil. In 2011 he played with the American guitar played Adam Rogers, on a project called “Connections: Adam Rogers & Peter Farrell – Brazilian Standards and other Songs” in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This show was very well received by the public and by the music critics.

During the last years Peter Farrell has been fully dedicated with a collection of music books he has created with George Benson: The George Benson Method. The first one to look over this giant and incredible work was the great Andy Laverne, which is considered on of the best jazz piano players and teachers in the whole world. In Andy’s opinion the George Benson Method will be reference during many years in the jazz world, and one of the best methords he have seen in decades.


“Peter is the genius of the fingering, and one of the most amazing guitat players I’ve ever seen. There is no man on earth that knows more about my playing than Peter Farrell. He is my very good friend and has been for many years my Protegee. So, I just want you to know, there’s no place out there you’re going to get this type of information, with this kind of depth, as with my friend Peter Farrell”

George Benson

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