Power of Three – Unleash your potential for Melody, Harmony and Rhythm

What makes your guitar solo soar? What bass line and drum groove makes people bob their heads when they listen to your song? What makes a great Metal Riff? What makes a Carnatic Raga idea suddenly transform a Blues song into something special? What makes your music be relevant and stay relevant?

Drawing from his successful multi-faceted musical career experience of over 25 years, Prasanna will help you learn how to do that by applying key ideas and powerful concepts from across many genres of music and applying it to your own music. By learning how to make magic with the three basic elements of music – Melody, Harmony and Rhythm. in addition to the musical insights, Prasanna will also walk you through his unique and powerful approach to personality development using the language of music to help you sharpen your leadership, decision-making and problem-solving skills.

About Prasanna

Prasanna is a world-renowned guitarist, composer, educator and entrepreneur. He has a unique signature in today’s international musical world as one of the world’s most innovative guitarists. Prasanna was also the Founding President of Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music.

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