Certificate in Music Program

The Certificate in Music program at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (SAM) is a uniquely designed, preparatory program offered on its beautiful, residential campus. This program prepares you for a successful career in music by paving the way for your entrance into the diploma programs at SAM. This fully residential program will teach you the fundamental music knowledge and skills that is essential in starting your professional career in music.

This 10-week intensive program will also introduce you to the Carnatic world of music as well as the exciting field of music production that will empower you with the right framework to excel in the music industry as an all rounder. This comprehensive course of study provides the right foundation to enable you to be that outstanding musician.

This program is mainly for aspiring musicians who have limited or no formal training in music and those desirous of starting a professional career in music. Prospective students who are also eager to join the diploma programs at SAM will benefit from this certificate program.

Learn with some of the best musicians and mentors in the world who will share from their rich experience and nurture you in becoming a successful musician.


• Prepare students for the diploma programs at SAM
• Establish a base of music knowledge and skills
• Prepare budding and aspiring musicians for a career in music

Entry Requirements & Admission

• A minimum of XII pass (CBSE, ISC, or any other recognized English medium school)
• Demonstrate the ability to play your principal instrument (assessed through video & online media submissions)
• Assessment of general level of musicianship in interview (on-campus or online)
• A live audition might be conducted on campus if student is based in the city of Chennai.
Grade 5 & below in theory & practical exams (Trinity, ABRSM, etc.) will not be accepted as APL (Acquisition of Prior Learning) against theory classes such as music theory and harmony.

Special entry

• Demonstrates good abilities on principal instrument but no formal training in music
• Passionate about music as a professional career choice Admission in this category is dependent on the interview stages and the decision of the Admissions Board is final.
Assessments & Completion
In order to successfully complete the program, you have to achieve 12 credits across the 10-week program.
The program is assessed through a combination of lab exercises, course work, examinations and performance evaluation.
Upon successful completion of the CMP certificate, you qualify for admission into the Diploma programs at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music.

Curriculum & Modules

The intensive 10 week intensive certificate program will focus on contemporary Western music theory and also introduce Carnatic music and Music production. In addition to this, there will be labs, master classes and world music introductory classes.
The total number of credits for this program is 12. Below are the modules that will be offered in the program

  • Foundation Music Theory
  • Foundation Contemporary Harmony
  • Aural Training
  • Sight Reading
  • Performance Studies
  • Carnatic Rhythms
  • Carnatic Studies
  • Music Production
  • Private Lesson
  • Aural Training Lab
  • Contemporary Harmony Lab
  • Elective
  • Foundation Piano


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