Indian Music Program

Indian music is rich in history and tradition. The diverse forms that exist in art, dance and music have always intrigued people from all over the world.

Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music was founded on the gurukula model of teaching and learning and the curriculum is infused with elements of Indian music. The uniqueness of Indian music based on its intricate melodic and rhythmic aspects opens up the mind to a whole new set of musical capabilities as a composer and performer in any style of music.

What you will learn

The 10-week Indian Music Certificate offered at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music will introduce you to the essence of Indian music. The course of study will explore the historical and musical elements that have given Indian Music its inherent qualities. The emphasis will be on the rhythmic and melodic elements that give Carnatic music its distinct appeal. Learning the rudimentary forms that constitute Carnatic music such as Gitam, Jatisvaram and Svarajati will establish a solid base of the art form.

The life and works of the great composers such as Saint Purandaradas, Saint Tyagaraja, Muthuswamy Dikshitar and Syama Sastri would be studied to give you an insight to the various periods that led to the evolution and development of this unrivalled South Indian music tradition.


  • Violin
  • Mridangam

You have the choice of learning a melodic and rhythmic instrument precisely the violin and mridangam. Carnatic music is pivoted on its vocal renditions and you will also be able to develop your vocal capabilities.


Study with internationally acclaimed musicians and educators who will nurture your development and education in Indian music.

  • Dr. M. Lalitha Nandini – Violin (Dean, Indian Music Program)
  • Sreyas Narayanun – Carnatic voice


  • Introduce Indian music & performance studies
  • Develop performance skills on Indian instruments
  • Foster an appreciation of Indian music art forms

At the end of the certificate course, you will have an introductory understanding of Indian music traditions, forms, and composers. You will also be exposed to the rudimentary rhythmic and melodic aspects of Indian music that will empower your compositional as well as performance abilities.

In addition to this, you will be able to read, identify and notate Indian music and get a fantastic start to developing your performing skills as a vocalist, violinist and mridangam performer.

Duration & Dates

10 weeks, full-time residential program –

Registration Thursday,12 January’17
Orientation Friday,13 January’17
Classes start date: Monday,16 January’17
Term End date: Friday, 24 March’17

Registration Thursday,4 May’17
Orientation Friday,5 May’17
Classes start date: Monday,8 May’17
Term End date: Friday, 14 July’17

Entry Requirements & Admission

  • A minimum of X pass (CBSE, ISC, or any other recognized English medium School)
  • Aspiring musicians and performers of western contemporary/classical music

Assessments & Completion

In order to successfully complete the program, you have to achieve 10 credits across the 10-week program.

The program is assessed through a combination of lab exercises, course work, examinations and performance evaluation.

Upon successful completion of the Indian Music Program certificate, you qualify for admission into the Diploma programs in Indian Music at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music.

Scholarships available upon completion of the Indian Music Program certificate.

Curriculum & Modules

This 10-week certificate course will focus on Indian traditional music forms. The total number of credits for this program is 10. Below are the modules that will be offered in the program

  • Indian Music Studies
  • Music Theory
  • Musical Forms
  • Notation
  • Indian Music Sessions
  • Private Lesson (voice, violin & mridangam)

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