All students applying to Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music qualify for scholarship eligibility. Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music recognizes the need to reward outstanding student applicants with financial incentives to enable them to study at SAM and bring credit to the institution and themselves. To this end, SAM has instated two Scholarship programs for the students:

1.) Entering Student Scholarship

2.) Continuing Student Scholarship


1.) Entering students should first apply for admission by filling out the Admissions Application Form.

2.) Students Applying for Scholarships has to provide 3 links of their YouTube video that best showcases their knowledge on Music.

3.) Once the application is processed and once the student has registered for a program at SAM, our panel will evaluate the applicant on performance and musical content(etc) and scholarships will be awarded accordingly.

4.) The candidate will be informed on the amount of scholarship awarded and the same will be reflected on the fee letter as a waiver.

* Please note that performance demos will be judged on the basis of performance and musical content and not on production value or recording quality. However, please make sure that the demos are of a reasonable quality. Poor demos with bad audio and/or video will be rejected.

*All videos must be uploaded to your YouTube channel or any other video channel service provider and the links sent to us.

Materials to be submitted by Music Performance Scholarships applicants:

Total duration – Not exceeding 15 min

Three songs – vocal or instrumental, original or cover – as diverse as possible stylistically

1.) One song has to be a video of a solo piece on your chosen instrument or voice played with no accompaniment or band

2.) At least one song should feature an improvised solo over a specific chord progression for instrumentalists. In the case of drummers, at least one song should feature a solo over a specific vamp.

3.) At least one of the two songs must be in time signatures other than 4/4 or 3/4

Extra consideration will be given to applicants who:

1.) Send us a handwritten chart of score or parts or lead sheet to a song or instrumental composition if it is an original – a scanned pdf document can be e-mailed to Scholarships Office with details of name of applicant, name of the songs etc.

2.) Unique rearrangement of a cover song harmonically or rhythmically, in case of cover songs being played

3.) Any of the songs reflecting a strong cultural and/or musical influence of the applicant’s country/province/region

4.) Submit music that has a challenging melodic, harmonic and/or rhythmic framework

5.) Demonstrate good composition and arranging skills

Materials to be submitted by Music Production Scholarships applicants:

1.) Total duration – Not exceeding 10 min in total

2.) Two complete productions – showcasing recording or mixing or producing abilities

3.) Upload & transfer the final stereo mix (16 bit, 44.1K, WAV/AIFF files) to any legitimate sharing website and forward the links.

4.) If the tracks are published or uploaded onto a commercial website or Sound Cloud,     YouTube, etc.then please send us the links.


This scholarship is awarded to continuing students based on:

1.) GPA and overall performance

2.) Work-study allotment review

3.) General contribution to SAM


1.) Scholarships are granted through an evaluation of the candidate and the submitted materials.

2.) All decisions made by the Scholarship Panel are final.

3.) Work-study allotment agreement is made upon receiving scholarship & during registration week.

4.) Continuing student scholarship is subject to the student performance and review throughout the semester by the Office of Academic Affairs

5.) Scholarship is valid for a semester only.

6.) Scholarship is made only against tuition fee. All other fees are not scholarship applicable.

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