How to Effectively Utilize Social Media as a Band

Social Media – A Digital platform where users share information, Interact and follow similar interests.

Band – A Group of Musicians, Recording and Performing the art of Music.

Social Media and Bands have come a long way complimenting each other in various environments and formats over the years and is also exponentially developing and progressing with each passing Generation. In one way or the other Social Media feeds on the input by Musicians or bands or any other artists on its platform which keeps it expanding and in return the latter ones receive mass reach out within the users depending upon number of followers, fan base, membership etc.

This blog intends to share the core advantages and related limitations on utilization of Social Media by Bands

1.Sharing Music – One of the main factor for any Artist to be in a social networking setup is mainly to share their respective art and in the case of musicians or bands its MUSIC.
Sharing Music via Social Media platforms has paved a huge gateway for the Musicians and for the listeners respectively to directly reach out and access interested contents without any intervention from any connecting resource ie a Record Label or Publishing House.
Limitations:Artists do not get due monetary credit

2.Announcements – Bands find it most convenient to announce Gigs, Events, Shows, Releases or any News over Social Media, because the users can now access the information directly without depending on any third party, the information transfer rate is maximum and is most effective. Previously before the advent of Social Media any band would have to wait for an opportunity to be on air(Radio) or talk to the audience during a live show, which was earlier limited to only top notch and well established bands.But due to the widespread of social networking bands big and small, amateurs or professionals, start ups or established both have the same platform for outreach.

Limitations: Size of Fanbase

3. Interaction – Apart from sharing information and news over social media, bands use their network to also interact with their fans, members etc over a lot of topics. Bands get quick reviews on any content shared, can be a newly released track, a music video, a live show montage release or just about a band photograph or even artwork.

Certain bands also take an initiative to discuss and share about other relevant topics, which are social, political and even religious in nature. It’s a healthy practice to stay in touch with a respective fan base as the members, Followers or fans feel linked to the band both personally and as avid and dedicated fans and followers.
It is often noticed that bands who keep a strong interaction level with their fan base tend to receive better feedback during Invitation for live events, merchandise sale or in any fan involved program.
It is also very much important to be regular and consistent regarding posts and updates as it keeps the fan base concentrated and avoid dissolvent of interest.

Limitations : Multiple Monotonous posting

4. Releases – Gone are the days when any band had to wait to get signed by and get approval from a media brand or Music Label company to release their music and get recognition. The entire procedure of a release has now broken down into simple main three steps for Independent artists

Record -> Publish -> Share
Bands now record and upload their content on various digital platforms and share the links among their fan base. Which leads to a chain reaction where the content receives multiple shares among the users and spreads out among other users.

Limitation:Assurance of Targeted Reach Out.

5. Events– Before Social media, users had to rely upoun newspapers, Advertisements or word of mouth to know about upcoming shows and events in their city or elsewhere,
But now with “Events” feature which floats on the Social Network with all the necessary information and details, it has become very much convenient to keep a track of upcoming events happening around. Bands just have to create an event and post it on their respective network, which is in return acknowledged by interested fans and leads to easy access of information and feedback.

Limitations: Attendees from the Social Media Event and Actual event may vary.

To Conclude It is mandatory to be original and authentic in the Digital Image. A Misrepresentation can have severe repercussions and may go irreversible and irreparable.

Social Media if utilized in a wise and ethical manner can build a long-termfoundation for future investments, It’s the sole discretion of any Artist on how to make the best use of a very powerful resource.

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