Siddhartha Ramanathan

10 reasons why you should pick music as a career

  1. Creative Outlet

There is nothing that matches the satisfaction that one gets by creating something out of nothing. Music’s beneficial effects on mental health have been known for thousands of years. We listen to and create music that reflects our moods.

  1. Driven by Passion

Music is probably one of the very few career options that people pick for themselves very well knowing the risks and rewards involved. In our country where engineers, doctors and lawyers are still the parent’s favorite career choice, it is safe to assume that all musicians are in it for the passion and love of music and not to fulfill anyone else’s dreams.

  1. Music Humbles

Music teaches individuals humility and discipline. All musicians look up to their heroes and more often than not, their heroes are humble and disciplined. The inspiration that young musicians pick up from the veterans transcends music and also reflects on their personalities.

  1. On the stage, off the stage and in between

There are countless career options in the 21st century with regards to music. Composers, performers, producers, recording engineers, designers, live sound engineers and many more options exist, the common denominator being the love and passion for music.

  1. Music for the 21st Century

With more and more people picking their passion as their career, the 21st century is seeing a new wave of professionals who simply cannot be fulfilled with a 9 to 5 meaningless job. Add to this the increasing demand for audio content and you will soon realize how lucrative a career in music is.

  1. Music is all around you!

Every time you listen to a piece of music, be it a song by your favorite artist, the background score in a movie or television show, an ad jingle or even the music in a video game; there are at least a dozen (in some cases hundreds) of musicians involved in the creation and execution of the audio.

  1. Indian Music is Unique

Indian music is one of the oldest and most unique music styles in the world. The rhythmic system of carnatic music simplifies what most other music cultures find extremely technical. The

Melakartha system is the most scientific approach to twelve tone harmony and analyses all permutations and combinations of this system. Add to this the sounds of the west and you will realize why fusion is bigger than ever before.

  1. Music is a lifelong journey

Noone can claim that they know everything about music. Music is a never ending journey and you are limited only by your imaginations. A career in music will never become obsolete or boring. If you think about, it is actually safer than many IT careers as there is always going to be a demand for music.

  1. See the world!

Succesful musicians travel the world and get to see it from an artist’s eye. Touring city to city and putting up shows can be one of the most exhilarating experiences ever. Musicians get to travel to exotic locations for music festivals, concerts etc.

  1. Music Education is now in India

International music education doesn’t have to cost you a kidney anymore. Studying in India offers great value for money and can successfully launch your career.

Now go play!

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