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Hear what the students and alumni have to say about their experience of learning, living and sharing at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music.


Conrad Radrick Reeves

Conrad is from Cleveland, USA who has a Bachelors degree from the prestigious Oberlin Conservatory of Music, is currently doing his One Year Diploma in Music Performance here in SAM.

Got to give it up for the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music for exposing me to more cultural and musical knowledge in 3 months than some of the luckiest of musicians will have an opportunity to see in a lifetime

Conrad Radick Reeves (Cleveland, USA)
’2013 Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music
2012 – B.M degree, Oberlin Conservatory of Music

Joel Thielman

Joel is from Minnesota, is currently a Keyboard Performance major at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, Minnesota. Joel was the first exchange student from McNally Smith. To know more about Joel’s experience in SAM read his blog here. To know more about the Student Exchange program with McNally Smith, go here.

Studying at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music in India was one of the best experiences of my life. This place has really started to feel like home, with every person existing in a huge family. I can honestly say that I feel I’ve made a connection with every person here, and I can’t say that about any school I’ve ever been to. Spending this time here, I feel like I’ve learned so much about life and people in general. It turned out to be the most fulfilling “school” experience I’ve ever had.

Joel Thielman (Minnesota, USA)
Fall 2012 Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music exchange student from McNally Smith College of Music, USA

Alyssa Mendonsa

Alyssa Mendonsa, is an up and coming Bollywood playback singer. In 2012 she was nominated for Filmfare and GiMA awards. An Alumni of SAM, she completed her One Year Diploma in Music Performance in 2012.

From other students

” I think this one is long overdue. Though this goodbye was abrupt, I’m sure this is not goodbye. I bid adieu to Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music for this semester, this one has been amazing. I cannot even believe how much I’ve progressed in the past few months. I have many people to thank. Brian Metreyeon, I’ve always secretly wanted to be a guitar player like you. I watch in awe everytime you solol. Also, the trip we took together was one amazing trip, where we got to know each other so much better.You are such a good and kindhearted person, you are who I aspire to become spiritually. Just for the sake of it, ONION SALAD. Karina Colis VK VK you inspired me so much to write and i’m honoured and glad to have learnt from you and played with you in so many ensembles together also at various gigs. I shall always remember you when I play Oleo. Natalie John thanks for letting us play Lets do it. Though I never expressed it I always wanted to reharmonize it as a mark of respect (please?) . I envy your ears and your composition and youve helped me in so many ways and I wont forget any of it. Steve Zerlin you will forever be my mentor, teacher, brother and friend. Words fail me as I try to express how much gratitude I have for you. Perhaps I’ve spent the most time at SAM with you. All those coconuts and almond milk and wise words I shall always cherish. You have been the rock on which I stood. Many thanks and I want to see you before you catch your flight from Chennai! Ed , Ujjayinee thanks for letting me be part of Elektrik Circus. Mali Sir and Shreyas sir, thanks so mch for your wisdom.
Mana Dhanraj Sidhant Jain Sreenath Sreenivasan GOD thanks for being letting me in with the Mystery Tourists. I swear its happening again! Also Salutations to THE ALMIGHTY. Avishek Dey Shreya Bhattacharya Srinjay Banerjee, thanks again for letting me play with you guys. Manu Krishnan, we are doing this! It was amazing I will never forget that gig, Krishna Prasad I shall miss you so much bro, you will be very much missed. Siva Sbk Mukund Rangaswamy, Shyam Rao your work has not gone unnoticed. You have poured in hours of work to make this whole sem possible, albeit being so chill with the bais.
And finally I want to thank Carolina Calvache who has been more than just a teacher for me, but also a guide and a friend and mentor, with every step that I took. Under your wing, I grew immensely, though stealing licks and vocabulary from you everytime I watched you play, You were there for me every step of the way. I shall forever miss that one 10 min break after Reading into the private lessons where we had the most amazing conversations. You are the sole reason my technique and jazz chops are where they are today. I aspire so much to become like you and I hope to have your passion, when I grow up.
Also the bais & gurls from SAM, I shall miss you with so much passion (Sreenath GOD?) you have been like a family to me, I always enjoyed your company. I loved playing in the ensembles with everyone. And to MasterJEE, Saravanananna and all the other staff my gratitude. I WILL MISS ALL OF YOU SOOOO MUCH. My heart is always with you. See yall very soon indeed! ”

Kavyesh Kaviraj
’2015- Continuing Student – Piano Major

Well just like everything good. My semester at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music ended with lot of musicality and knowledge. Learnt a lot , gathered knowledge more than anything. Am really lucky to have all the great faculties who all are brilliant musicians. Thank you so much Natalie John Ujjayinee Carolina Calvache Colis VK VK Ed DeGenaro Steve Zerlin Brian MetreyeonMali sir, Shreyas Sir. You guys are amazing and its like an everyday experience learning from you all. And of course to all my admin brothers who made everything happen into places Siva Sbk Siddhartha Ramanathan Krishna Prasad Mukund Rangwaswamay . Thank you guys Miss you all. Keerthy Narayanan for getting us through in any sort of problem and making it happen just like that. Thanks a lot ! Of course one and only Shyam Rao who have been throughout in any situation. Always encouraging and supporting no matter what. Love you shyam and thank you for everything. And my dearest lovely lovely most talented musician friends who never failed to be with me all the time. Love you guys. You guys have no clue how much i’ll miss you all ! ”

Shreya Bhattacharya
’2015 – Continuing student – Voice Major

First semester at SAM comes to an end , its been an amazing journey all thanks to the amazing people i met and to Brian Metreyeon,Carolina Calvache, natalie john ,karina colis and steve zerlin for being amazing teachers . Cant wait for the next one to start ”

Arsh Sood
’2015 – Continuing student – Guitar Major

What an incredible semester at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music. Colis VK VK, Carolina Calvache, Natalie John and Brian Metreyeon, thank you for not only being phenomenal teachers and musicians but also such good friends. You friendship, support and advice has been invaluable. Miss you all already. Thank you Ujjayinee, Ed, Mali Sir and Shreyas sir for a new perspective on classical music. And all my fantastic fellow students and friends, thank you all the support….ditto for Siddhartha Ramanathan Siva Sbk Mukund Rangaswamy who had probably the toughest job around, holding it all together.

And finally, Steve Zerlin, you are an inspiration. Thank you for your continued belief in my ability. Thank you for life lessons, almond milk and coconuts. See you soon!

Kavita Sarna
Spring 2015 – Bass Major

Finally done with one year of SAM! Had an amazing semister with lot of great musicians across the country.Thanks a lot to all my faculty Ed De Genero, Ujjayinee, Steve Zerlin, Colis VK VK Carolina Calvache, Brian Metreyeon, Natalie John, Sreyas Narayanun and Mali sir for helping me out all throught the journey.Thanks a lot to all my admin brothers Siva Sbk, Siddhartha Ramanathan, Mukund Rangaswamy and Keerthy Narayanan for helping me all throught. Miss you a lot bros! Thanks to Shyam Rao for making everything possible. Love you all my friends, miss you a lot see you soon.

Avishek Dey
Spring 2015 – Bass Major

” This marks the end of the best 1 year of my musical journey till date. Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music has not only helped me become a better musician but a better human being with a clearer understanding of how things work. Thank you everyone who has supported me and trusted me during the journey. We shall be meeting each other very very soon.”

Mihir Raina
Spring 2015 – Guitar Major

Last year I took a leap of faith quit an incredible job with incredible people to follow a dream i have had my whole life…as scary as it started out to be and still is now I had the most amazing time and the amount I grew as a person and with my skill levels was drastic and incredible… I found gurus in people I never thought I would meet in my life and I finally found a place where I belonged a place where nobody judged me and I was free to be me in the highest form and in the process made a whole bunch of crazy friends that became family..Thankyou swarnabhoomiacademyofmusic and you musicians you guys supported me through ups and downs and gave me so much love all the time. I now officially hold a diploma in music performance with a major in vocals ‪#‎SAM

Keya Pothan
Spring 2015 – Voice Major

” Back home from SAM! It’s been an Amazing year… Learnt so much musically and otherwise. I want to Thank all my teachers from both the semesters, you guys were just truly Brilliant! A big Thank You to the Admin of SAM for always being so helpful! And to all my Friends, I’m going to miss you guys like Crazy! Thank You for always being there and making this experience such a memorable one for me! I don’t think anything can replace SAM. Lots of Love.

Kruthi Singar
Spring 2015- Voice Major

had an amazing time at SAM, it was better than I expected it to be. The atmosphere is amazing, perfect for learning music. I get inspired everyday by this place and most of all, the people here are amazing.

Aldrin Dominic Alexander
’2013 Continuing Student – Piano Major

Best place for musicians. Great atmosphere for learning. Amazing Faculty.

Gouri Ranjit
’2013 Continuing Student – Voice Major

Great place to learn, the Super talented faculty, the great people, the environment for making great music is incredible.

Mehr Lamba
Fall 2012 – Voice Major

SAM, true to its promise, is a place to live your dreams. The faculty is top class and the infrastructure is much beyond expectations. I really appreciate the way SAM has evolved and the passion that the group of individuals(who the run the show) have towards making this happen. Amazed by the fact that the faculty student interaction is so much and you get to learn immensely from these great people.

Rahul Sharma
Fall 2012 – Guitar Major

Best musical experience yet.

Viraj Saxena
Fall 2012 – Drum Major

Excellent place to study and grow as a musician.

Srinjay Bannerjee
’2013 Continuing Student – Guitar Major

It is a great place in terms of quality of information given to students.

Jagrit Kashyap
Fall 2012 – Drum Major

Coolest place to learn and become a better musician.

Sudhir Choudary
’2013 Continuing Student – Guitar Major

The best place to study and live.

Tarun Dhami
Fall 2012 – Guitar Major

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