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SAM follows a trimester method i.e. we have three intakes every year :

* Spring (January)

* Summer (May)

* Fall (September)

The Last date to apply for scholarships is 15 days before the start of a new batch.


Please share your details with us here – https://forms.gle/LbaMWeqfCpJXCvC9A . On receipt of the submitted form, you will receive an e-mail from our admissions team, guiding you on completing your student registration.

a. For Indian Students the fee for registration is INR 5000
b. For International Students, the fee for registration is USD 100

In order to understand your musicianship and guide you in your journey at our academy, our academics team engages with you over a telephonic interview. This is done once you complete your registration process.

Yes we do provide scholarships to our students. For this there is a screening/audition process that the applying students must go through to avail the scholarship. Further Information is available with our admissions team. You can reach out to them (+91 73580 00770)

Our residential campus provides world class accommodation facilities for enrolled students. We offer different kinds of living spaces to our students, enabling them to choose a type that best suits them.

At this stage, we send you a welcome letter that will have information on:

1. Our acceptance to your enrollment

2. Details of your fee structure

3. Accommodation + Meal Plan

4. Scholarship information (if granted)

Upon arrival, students are required to check themselves in and complete formalities. We ask for the following documents (in original & duplicate) to be submitted at the registration desk

1. Offer letter & Welcome letter

2. ID Proof

3. DOB Proof

4. Education documents

5. Medical Certificate

Further, we provide our Students our Welcome kit which includes essential information, code of Conduct and the area map.

Information about the classes/class schedules and the *Comprehensive Placement Test (for new students) is also given to the students by the Academics Team.

*The Comprehensive Placement Test (CPT) is conducted to evaluate the student’s music knowledge (Basic/Intermediate/Advanced) so that individual customized modules can be allocated accordingly.


*We encourage any aspiring talented musician to come, study and experience our programs.

*We expect aspiring students to demonstrate the ability to play their principal instrument of interest. (assessed through video & online media submissions).

No, it is not a pre requisite. However, as a student, if you’ve had prior formal education in Music, our programs will only enhance your musicianship, taking you a step further and giving you a professional edge.

Yes. At our academy, our programs are designed to nurture and polish talent, regardless of the level – novice, beginner, professional or expert.

Please start the process by filling out the application form here – Apply Now

Information related to the program fees is available with our admissions team. You can reach out to them (+91 73580 00770).

SAM campus is strategically located on the pristine East Coastal Road stretch, a 60-minute drive from south Chennai. The site is well connected by road. It is a 1.5-hour drive from Chennai International Airport, 2.5-hour drive from Chennai central Railway station. You may contact our Hospitality representative (+91 73580 00770) if you wish for us to arrange your pickup from Airport/ Railway station.

Yes, we conduct campus tours between 10 am and 6 pm on selected days throughout the year. Please contact our Hospitality Representative (+91 73580 00770) for upcoming dates and to book your visit to the campus.

Yes we provide stay facilities at our modern apartment complex. However, this is a chargeable service. Hence, to ensure a smooth visit and stay, please make a prior booking with our Housing Coordinator (+91 73580 00770).

Yes, we provide residential accommodation to all enrolled students. Selection and allotment of accommodation is a part of the admissions process, where a student chooses the type of accommodation that best suits him/her.

SAM is a residential music school. Our campus is located 80kms away from the city of Chennai and hence students are required to live within the campus in the accommodation provided.

Student accommodations on campus are spacious rooms which are fully furnished & equipped with a kitchen, refrigerator, air conditioning, wi-fi, and more.

Breakfast, Lunch and dinner is also provided to students. Housekeeping services are provided free of cost. The student apartment complex also has other utilities like a department store, laundry services, an ATM and a 24 hour medical clinic.

We have set and maintain high security measures for all our residing students, staff and faculty. The residences area is guarded round the clock by security personnel who screen visitors at entry and exit. CCTV monitoring is also employed throughout the area.

We provide 3 meals a day including Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to all students who enroll for study at the campus.

We provide bed linen in the campus to each and every student. You will just need to carry your clothes, other sundry items and you’re your musical instrument/s. You may also carry your own music production gear ( laptop, sound card, midi keyboard etc ).

In the case of an unforeseen medical emergency, you will be seen and treated by a medical professional immediately. If necessary, you may further be referred to the nearest hospital .

As a part of the admissions process, we require students to submit a medical certificate. This is only to ensure that we know your medical history/condition and so that we can prevent any medical discomfort or emergency that a student may experience.

In the case of an unforeseen medical emergency, you will be seen and treated by a medical professional immediately. If necessary, you may further be referred to the nearest hospital .

Yes students can either stay in their allotted apartment or leave their belongings while they are away during semester breaks. However, this service is chargeable. Students are required to inform the designated housing coordinator on campus to avail the service.

Our staff, faculty and students- all reside in the residential apartment complex located within the campus.

To know, please refer to Scholarships in the Admissions process.