Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music
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Campus Facilities

Music is a powerful tool of expression and we have a variety of well-equipped spaces for you to create, express & make magic

  • large ensemble rooms
  • individual practice rooms
  • Drum practice rooms and labs
  • Private Lesson Studios for Guitar, Bass, Drums, Voice and Piano
  • voice as Indian percussion and voice lab
  • Instrument labs
  • 2 recital halls
  • Amphitheatre
  • A Rooftop Performance Space
  • Recording Studio
  • Library
  • Media Centre

Instruments & Gear:

  • Kawai Concert Grand, Upright and Digital Pianos
  • Mesa Boogie Lone Star, Mark V, Transatlantic and Express Guitar amplifiers
  • Orange Bass amplifiers
  • DW, PDP and Dixon drum kits
  • Sabian Cymbals
  • TOFT 32 Channel Analog Mixing Console
  • UAD Apollo 16 with every single Universal Audio Plugin
  • Joe Meek Analog channel strip with analog compressors and EQ
  • Charter Oak microphones

Bringing the best of the east and west, SAM has partnered with the world’s largest print music publisher, Hal Leonard Publishing, to provide quality books, DVD’s and instruction material.